Work Together for Build & Change Nation

Peardoba Bashudhara Eco Society

"Society or organisations is an unique in societal and educational issues and spacial in environmental ones and it has been providing various services.I always try to make good to others as well as society including alleviating suffering of animals. my ambition is to bring welfare to every sphere of life."

Our Vission

Society (NGO) exists to support us (mankind) in living a qualitative life driven by excellence, enrichment, and happy communities where every person lives with dignity and enjoys full of life. Here our vision is to reach or achieve the desired future position of the organization having such type of intentions, hopes and expectation.

Our Mission

Dignity, respect, sincerity, correctness, and self-confidence will be maintained. Local destroyed culture should be revived to achieve its goals. It will Undertake programs and projects such as to promote consumer awareness protect right of the human, protect prevent and control for the survival of human society, elimination of child labour and rural health advancement and literacy, culture, scientific one. To achieve its goal it will undertake program and projects for creating awareness on deteriorating effects of alcoholism, use of drugs etc. promote consumer awareness and protect the rights of the consumers, AIDS awareness campaign for its prevention and control for the survival of the human society, elimination of child labour, sanitation and rural health, advancement of literary, culture, scientific and technical education, vocational training program for the youths, gymnasium program, children and women welfare program for the aged, sick, destitute and undertaken program for the welfare of disabled persons and other various program as the society needs.

Explore Our Teams

We are simple belive on that theory which is satnd on “Work Together & Change nation” –  as try to want. A Civilize people has a same influance in the same corner for a motivational work to do.

Our Projects & Programs

To impart training among the communities in the restoration, protection and preservation of ecosystems by creating awareness about various ecosystem functions and services. And to develop Sustainable water resources management strategies.

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